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Skill & Learning Development – The Soul of Aptech

The soul of an organization is defined by the intellectual and emotional intensity it applies to its core. In the last 36 years, this has not wavered at Aptech. Today, we are present globally and have transformed the lives of millions of students.

The Soul of Aptech

We believe that our programs created in consultation with the industry allow every student to imbibe skills that in turn enhance their job prospects through Industry Connect Alliances & Placement (ICAP). This can be explained as bridging the gap between joblessness and employability. Our students through the alliance partners also have the avenue to pursue a formal degree with direct admission typically to the 3rd year of a degree program in countries like the UK, Canada, Malaysia, and Australia.

We are in the business of creating opportunities to change lives of millions, enabling them to build their dreams.

Our motto therefore is defined as:

  • The opportunities to create defining careers
  • The opportunities to deliver quality learning

Over the decades, we have deployed the Aptech 6-Edge Advantage in our courses to metamorphose our students into industry professionals. This in turn helps push their aspirations beyond their peers. The advantages to our students besides technical skillsets are:

  • Industry Interface
  • Presentation Skills
  • Working Under Deadlines
  • Creativity
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork

We redefine and reorient education with our proactive and versatile character to be at the forefront of delivering employment opportunities to each of our students such that they get among the fastest paybacks and superior returns on their time and investment. Aptech has been the market trendsetter year after year by focusing on initiatives that benefit our five pillars (stakeholders):

  • Students
  • Business Partners
  • Recruiters
  • Employees
  • Shareholders