Aptech International Preschool

Aptech International Preschool Aptech International Preschool

Aptech International preschool offers a smart, secure and stimulating learning environment for preschoolers and toddlers. Modern-day preschool programmes, finest pedagogy and an internationally acclaimed curriculum offered by the preschool focus on the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of children. Aptech International Preschool provides age-specific lesson plans so that children can gain necessary skills as they grow.

The preschool facilitates all-round development of your child. We achieve this through:

  • Scientifically researched curriculum
  • High quality childcare with 8:1 child-to-teacher ratio
  • Mobile app with live view of your child in school
  • Video conferencing with your child, on demand
  • Non-toxic toys & comprehensive kids' library
  • Outdoor play area with play gym & entertainment zone
  • Periodic paediatric consultations, nutrition counselling & doctor-on-call
  • Child safety audited infrastructure

Our programs

Aptech's programs create a curious, learning mind through scientifically researched curriculum.

  • Toddler Time
    This program is designed for toddlers and their parents, and encourages bonding between them. It also strives to familiarise the children with their environment, which leads to an easy transition to Pre-nursery.
  • Pre-Nursery
    Encourages exploration and builds the child’s motor skills. Tries to familiarise the child with its environment, which will lead to an easy transition to nursery.
  • Nursery
    A program that encourages decision making, self-control, numeracy skills as they interact socially and develop their communication and literacy skills.
  • Kindergarten 1
    The program aims to offer a wide variety of learning & fun activities to engage the natural curiosity of the children, stimulate their creativity and help them gain knowledge.
  • Kindergarten 11
    This program is designed to give children a sense of belonging as they explore and discover the world around them, while preparing them for school.
  • Childcare Program
    This program has been specifically designed for working parents and offers children a safe, secure and stimulating environment, where they will be taken care of well.
  • Activity Centre
    Summer camps, winter camps & regular fun activities have been crafted to keep children occupied, build their confidence and improve their social &communication skills.

Website: www.aptechinternationalpreschool.com


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