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Arena Animation is a pioneer, trendsetter and a global leader in the Animation and non-formal academic curriculum based training programs. Arena has an extensive network of centres.

Arena offers industry relevant courses in Animation, VFX, Gaming, AR, VR, Web & Graphics, UI-UX, Broadcast, Digital design & Marketing, and Multimedia to students aspiring for global careers in this new age media & entertainment industry. Arena offers students as well as professionals with the latest industry relevant courses backed by strong alliances, a best in-class faculty and the latest technology, software, and tools.

Career courses offered by Arena include:

  • AVG (Animation, VFX, Gaming)
    • Trinity 3D
      Trinity 3D is a complete package! This premium career course helps students get trained for jobs in three in-demand industries - animation, VFX & gaming.

      *At select centres only
    • Animation-VFX Prime
      A dual domain course that trains students in end-to-end aspects of animation and visual effects, and make them a job-ready professional.
  • Animation
    • Animation Prime
      Complete training in all aspects of animation to make students capable of employment and progress in the animation industry.
    • Animation Film Design
      An intensive 3D & 2D animation filmmaking course
  • VFX
    • VFX Prime
      A career course that trains students to become all-round VFX specialists. The program provides an in-depth understanding of the latest software and tools.
    • VFX Film Making
      A comprehensive career course to learn everything associated with the VFX pipeline in films - from conception to completion.
    • VFX Compositing & Editing
      This comprehensive course covers the most important aspects of VFX: compositing and editing, end to end.
  • Gaming/ AR-VR
    • Game Art
      The course helps learn art fundamentals for games along with asset creation pipeline for designing game character concepts, creating game models from those concepts, and more.
    • 3D Digital Game Art & Design
      The course helps understand game mechanics, role of game characters and the process of game level designing.
    • Un(Real) Game Development
      The course allows learning game development on the award winning Unreal Game Engine used by gaming professionals and studios worldwide to create popular games.
    • Game Design
      A course that gives insights into how to design games across genres and development platforms.
    • Game Development – Mobile, AR & VR
      A course that is customised for those who are interested in designing their own 2D or 3D games with Unity 2D/3D Game Kit or create a prototype of their game design ideas.
  • Web & Graphics
  • UI-UX
    • UI-UX Design
      A comprehensive course that trains students on all aspects of user interface and user experience, to make them job-ready.
  • Digital Design & Marketing
  • Broadcast
    • Broadcast Prime
      Students get training to create engaging motion visuals using graphic, animation, live footage, music, sound, electronics, and other media tools.
  • Multimedia
    • Web Design & Development Program
      A course to learn technical skills of web designing, graphic art, digital & interactive designing, web programming languages and usability.
    • Multimedia Design Program
      A course to learn the concepts of digital graphics, image editing, video editing, and rich multimedia content.
    • Design & Publishing Program
      The course trains students in all aspects of web designing, digital graphics & image editing.
  • Fast Track Courses
    • These range of courses helps graduates to be job ready in animation, VFX, graphics & web designing, broadcast, and multimedia.
  • Short-Term Courses
    • Quick, short-term courses for students & working professionals who wish to sharpen their skills in one or more tools or software.



*Disclaimer: Arena Animation is not a University.

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