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Enabling futures with futuristic technologies and skillsets

Since inception in 1986 with the very objective of weaving technology and technological literacy in India’s employable youth and professionals, Aptech has been empowering the youth with futuristic technologies and skillsets.

Ever since then, Aptech has been identifying, innovating and implementing new technologies, programs, ideas, businesses and brands.

Based on the recent trends in AVGC segment where Gaming, Immersive Media and Metaverse are getting a lot of traction, Aptech has launched multiple career programs at MAAC & Arena Animation which cover various aspects of Game Art & Design process along with an indepth understanding of Gaming and Real-time 3D technology which is pivotal for the world of Meta and Multi verses. These courses are developed in line with the current industry job requirements addressing the skill gap.

To ensure that its students are industry ready, Aptech has introduced multiple student development programs like Spotlight Club, 100 hrs, Creative Minds etc, which help students to get an exposure of practical industry relevant assignments and working under defined timelines.

VFX and 3D Animation courses have gone through a facelift where modules of emerging technologies like Virtual Production, Real Time Rendering, Interactive Visualization have been incorporated in the curriculum.

A lot of efforts have been made towards training and development of trainers across all centres to ensure that the new technology driven courses launched are delivered as per required standards. To strengthen its technology driven learning pedagogy, Aptech has recently launched the new AR 2.0 App for the students, which enables a student to consume learning content in Augmented Reality. This also helps to make the overall learning process more engaging. The new release of MAAC AR BOOKS application is built upon the new native AR engine (ARCore) from Google for building augmented reality experiences.