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Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) is India's leading training institute for high-end 3D Animation, Visual Effects Gaming and Multimedia. Founded in 2001 & a major brand of Aptech Ltd, MAAC has trained over lakhs of students, worldwide. As per current status, MAAC has 133 centres in India across 62 cities and one centre in Vietnam.

MAAC offers industry relevant career courses on 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Multimedia, Broadcast, VR & AR. MAAC courses are thoughtfully designed to provide students insights about the dynamics of the industry. It provides real-life training environment to students, backed by excellent faculty, world-class infrastructure, and the latest technical tools.

MAAC students are placed across all domains of the Media & Entertainment industry in India & overseas. With job-ready courses, MAAC students are placed in leading production houses and studios within and outside the country.

Major Programs: ADVFX; AD3DEdge; ADIDG and IPVAD

How MAAC Engages!

MAAC over the years has built a strong set of interactive and educational events that enhances and sharpens the skills. These programs include:

24 FPS: is a marquee property and is the most prestigious awards function for animation & visual effects segment across the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

Held every year since its inception in 2003, the MAAC 24FPS International Award function is a springboard to showcase talent & has grown from strength to strength. Along with MAAC students, animation industry professionals from across the world, also compete in categories like 3D Animation, Live Action, Visual Effects and several others.

The central idea behind this event is to inspire aspirants to experience making a film where they can work like professionals conducting all the necessary research, working on deadlines and detailing their thoughts to create a piece of work that stands apart.

National Students Meet (NSM): is one of the most eagerly awaited events and is conducted for MAAC students. This is an opportunity for them to interact with industry experts and fellow students.

100 Hours: Creative Marathon is a filmmaking competition where participants have to create a 20-25 seconds short 3D animated films in a time span of 100 hours at a stretch. 100 hours allows students to create teams and compete with each other at inter-centre and zonal levels. Students get expert guidance during the filmmaking process and get to work on a production pipeline from start to end. By participating in 100 Hours – Creative Marathon students get to witness one-of-a-kind lifetime experience working towards an output of an animated short film.

MAAC Creative League (MCL): is one of the biggest events in which the students participate to display their creative mettle in the category of their liking. There are a total of 10 categories like 3d Asset, 30 sec Film, Photography, and many more. Students from all the course streams are encouraged to participate in the MCL event and can enter as many artworks as per their preference.