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Our new-age technology-based learning tools make learning fun & interactive for students situated anywhere across the globe.

Onlinevarsity works in tandem with other arms of Aptech except Aptech International Preschool to provide an edge to working professionals.

Onlinevarsity is also available as an app as a new-age learning eco-system.

To enhance learning outcomes the majority of Aptech's content are now AR enabled. AR enabled e-books significantly enhance the learning experience of our students.

This content sharing and learning platform of Aptech, is present globally. It extends courses and content by offering experiences specially curated for students and working professionals.

More information is available at dedicated website i.e.

Creosouls is an online portfolio showcase and a social networking platform where students, faculty and recruiters can connect with each other. Students can upload their work on Creosouls, which is often perused by recruiters at the time of placements to gauge student work.

More information is available at dedicated website i.e.